Volgende optreden 29.02.2020, zaterdag
Lamento with Damian Guillon

Lamento with Damian Guillon in Den Haag, Nieuwe Kerk om 20:15


Ever since the Renaissance, the lament has fought its way between vocal and instrumental music. It is a lament to death: not his, that of another loved one, a profane or religious lament... The lament conveys a feeling of melancholy and sadness flirting with the indescribable...

Café Zimmermann welcomes countertenor Damien Guillon, an old accomplice, to sing a programme of 17th and 18th century laments, bringing to the forefront both instruments and voice for a journey into German land. Throughout the seasons countertenor Damien Guillon has established himself as one of the best singers of baroque music. As a soloist famous for his musical talents and his pure and radiant tone of voice, he is frequently invited to perform under the direction of renowned conductors. A recording of this programme by Alpha Classics will come out at the beginning of the year 2020.

  • A programme full of emotions and contemplations brightened by Damien Guillon's voice!

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Lieu : Nieuwe Kerk Spui 175, 2511 BM, La Haye   (plan) 
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